New Members 2023
Curator: Meydad Eliyahu
Jerusalem Artists’ House

2 Sep — 4 November, 2023
As part of a long-standing tradition, the Artists’ House continues to welcome new members to the Jerusalem Artists Association every year, opening the annual exhibition season with a display of their works. This year, three new members have joined the association: Sara Benninga, Yael Boverman-Attas, and Noga Greenberg.
In the series Hallway, Yael Boverman-Attas charges her works with the tension between spatial illusion and the drawing-material act. Inspired by her childhood home in Jerusalem, the artist processes memories and impressions, distant and recent, to reconstruct the charged space. She elaborates, erases, and organizes the spaces of the kitchen, living room, and stairwell. Relying on a fixed architectural structure, the acts of marking, imprinting, and color application are used to create different perspectives, at times—antithetical versions of the same spaces. The shadowing and coloration in the paintings do not correspond with natural logic, indicating an internal painterly order; a firm presence of organization, harmony, and depth.

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